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PSC Africa
Prepaid System

Property Companion offers ultimate convenience at all of our complexes for all of our valued tenants. We have partnered up with PSC Africa to offer affordable and efficient pre-paid electricity systems to all of our units. Here you can find all the information that you need to get set up and purchase electricity as and when needed. Their contact details are all listed should you need to contact them directly.


Who is responsible?

Tenants purchase their own prepaid electricity at any time convenient to them.

How much?

The tenant can purchase according to what they can afford at the time and do not need to buy 50 or 100 units as tokens are available from as little as R20 and R50.

And the landlord?

Landlords are free from ordering prepaid tokens, paying for them and then administering the sale to each tenant.

When my landlord is unavailable?

In the absence of the landlord the system continues to operate and tenants always have access to purchase tokens.

What happens at month end?

At month end all purchases are consolidated, reports are e-mailed to the landlords and they are paid for the prepaid units purchased by their tenants.

What tariffs are charged?

Prepaid units (kWh) are sold at a tariff determined by the landlord to recover electricity costs at the property. Normally this is the municipal or Eskom rate.

Additional Charges?

Additional fixed monthly charges can be loaded on the prepaid meter and must be paid for by the tenant before they will get a token.

Where can I purchase electricity?

PSC (Payment Services Consolidated) prepaid electricity can be purchased at any EasyPAY or UniPIN sales point, at many bank ATMs, through online banking, by EFT, sms debit order and Zapper.


What is a UniPIN token?

A UniPIN prepaid electricity token is purchased and redeemed by following the instructions on the token.

What do I need when using EasyPay?

When purchasing at an EasyPay till point the meter number will be required.

Are there any helpdesks?

PSC, EasyPay and UniPIN help desks are available to assist tenants.

What is a purchase block?

The landlord can request a purchase block on a meter if the tenant is in arrears for other payments.

Who can access meter activity?

Landlords have login and password access to real time, online reporting of all meter activity.


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