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What is Property Companion?

Property Companion is a residential property development and management agency. We portfolio currently consists of two developments situated in Edenglen. We offer predominantly rental units in at these developments.

• The Arch units are solely rental units.
• The Curve is a combination of both sold and rental units.

How do I know if Property Companion has a unit available?

We have set up a state-of-the-art rental inquiry process for prospective tenants. To find out if a unit is available in your preferred development, please contact us and we can find out for you. If you would like to arrange a viewing you can click on Developments and select a preferred date and time with an agent.

Property Companion allows those looking to buy or rent property to take a look at the units available as well as the features of the developments. Once you have found the perfect unit to suit all your needs, you’ll have to fill out a two-minute interest form which will kick start the rental process.

Who are the agents working with Property Companion?

Seeff Edenvale is the exclusive property agents dealing with rentals through Property Companion. We also have skilled internal staff who deal with rental properties belonging to Property Companion.

How do I find out more about The Arch?

On the Property Companion homepage, you’ll find more information about the developments under the Property Companion umbrella.

If you’re interested in a specific development, simply select your option from the homepage.

When you select a development you’ll be taken to your selection for a more in-depth look at the properties and features of that development.

Where do my details go when I enter them on the website?

Once you enter your details into the website, they are passed to the relevant property agents.

Property Companion will not share your details with any company not associated directly with Property Companion. We have taken great steps to ensure your details are secure.

What are the key features of the developments?

Properties under the Property Companion umbrella boast state-of-the-art amenities and features. Click here to take a virtual tour of The Arch and here for a tour of The Curve.

Are the complexes child-friendly?

Both The Arch and The Curve are 100% child and family-friendly.

Both developments feature stunning clubhouses, strict security, and sparkling pools for all family members to enjoy.

Additionally, The Curve also features an outdoor children’s play area.

Are the developments pet-friendly?

Both The Arch and The Curve are pet-friendly within the perimeter of the by-laws governing pet ownership.

Pet owners will be asked to register their pets beforehand. Ground units do have gardens.

What is the pet registration process?

Registering your pet/s is an easy online process where pet owners are asked to register their pets online with Property Companion.

We want to know the breed of dog, their sex, name and whether they have been spayed or neutered.

Does my pet need to be spayed or neutered?

Pet owners with sterilized pets will be given preference over unsterilized pets although this is not a requirement.

Who finalizes the rentals?

The management of Property Companion has the final sign-off for who will be moving into the complexes.

What are your rental terms?

We have rental contracts for 3, 6, and 12 months available.

What comes with the unit?

All complex units are equipped with built-in cupboards and a stove. Property Companion does not supply appliances.

Tell me about your internet?

The Arch and The Curve are both Fibre-ready with Clear Access

Who is your Internet Service Provider?

Clear Access. You can find their deals and information here.

What information does Property Companion need from me?

The rental application process is quite stringent.
All applicants whether through a business or as an individual will be vetted.

Property Companion does require three previous months’ payslips or bank statements in order to run a credit check.
Applicants are also run through a rental credit database.
You’ll also need your passport or ID document for the application process.

Will I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, we do require a minimum of one month’s rental deposit for our rental properties. You’ll also be paying a damage deposit, which is broken down for you at the time of your approval.

I’m a first-time property renter; will this affect the outcome of my application?

It can, depending on your references and the supporting documents (employment and salary information) you supply with your application.

What is the difference between an individual rental application and a business rental application?

Individual applications are submitted by an individual on their own behalf.
Business rental applications are submitted by a business for either long or short term rentals on behalf of employees.

What security do you have at the properties?

The Arch features a biometric access control system. All registered tenants and property occupants are registered on the system. The system only allows for access to registered persons. We also make use of CharlieApp which allows visitor access from your phone and through the App. Only registered tenants have access to the App.

Something broke in my unit, what now?

Property Companion oversees all the maintenance of the units.
All maintenance is done by a team of trustworthy fix-it professionals who are available to deal with maintenance related issues.

All non-maintenance relates problems will also be sorted out but will be for your own account.

What are non-maintenance related problems?

We do a very thorough entry and exit inspections of all units at The Arch and The Curve. Non-maintenance related items include covering holes from picture frames when you move out and broken or damaged items as a result of negligence.

What are maintenance related problems?

This refers to the maintenance of property belonging to Property Companion i.e. geysers, taps, pipes, stoves, plumbing.

Do I need to be present for the entry and exit inspections?

Yes, the tenant will need to sign off on the inspection.

When does the exit inspection take place?

The exit inspection will take place on the day you move out but it needs to be booked online a month before you leave.

How much notice do I have to give, before I move out?

We require a minimum of one-month notice prior to you moving out.

What if I’m not happy when I move in?

If you feel there is anything that needs the attention of Property Companion, you need to bring this up during the entry inspection.

Property Companion will log a call on your behalf and deal with any issues you brought up during the inspection.

Can I repaint the inside of my unit?

All alterations to the inward appearance of the units need to be approved by agents of Property Companion.

Who is responsible for garden maintenance?

Property Companion will oversee the maintenance of all gardens in The Arch and The Curve.

Gardening teams will arrive weekly to conduct maintenance. Any issues found will be reported to Property Companion and will be for the tenant to rectify.

I have a problem with my neighbour, who can I report them to?

You can report any issues with neighbours directly to the Property Companion offices. CLICK HERE

My neighbours are doing something illegal, what now?

You can report any issues with neighbours directly to the Property Companion offices. CLICK HERE

Do I get parking bays?

Yes, the number of parking bays allocated to each unit is dependent on the size of the unit.

For example, our three-bedroom, two-bathroom units have two parking bays available for use.

Am I allowed to have visitors over?

Yes, we have ample visitor parking available for use by guests.

Visitor parking bays are situated throughout the developments.

How can I contact Property Companion?

Property Companion offices are situated at 48 Baker Road, Edenglen.

Call 072 179 1530 

or WhatsApp 072 179 1530

or Email

Secure, Modern & Convenient

Each development is pet-friendly with a lovely clubhouse and communal pool, 24-hour security, WiFi and plenty of visitor parking.